David Campelo, PhD

Embedded Software developer

About Me

I have 10+ years of experience in ICT, working on reputable companies as experienced leader, developer and researcher. I'm passionate for innovative technologies, specially when it comes to smart solutions to enhance life quality, and for years I worked with Java/C technologies for mobile and embedded devices. During my Ph.D I worked with Python technologies for data science and machine learning to design and develop a Context-Aware Recommender System of video contents which were tested in real-life context, in 21 homes, with support of +TV4E project.

Currently I'm enjoying working with embedded Linux at Bosch Security Systems Ressearch and Development team. So now I'm in a deep dive into more C++, Python and bash scripting programming as well as discover the exciting possibilities of using Yocto Project.


Lately, Machine learning has been my focus as in my Ph.D. thesis I designed and developed a Context Aware Recommender System to learn preferences of video content consumers using Python Scikit-Learn and Django frameworks.
Data is all around. For my Ph.D thesis I done some research on data analysis using Python pandas and matplotlib API. Lately I have done some tests using these API and trying some new approaches.
For years I worked with Java JNI code integration with a C/C++ embedded enviroment. In addition, I also ported this integrated code to ARM and MIPS architectures produced by TV manufacturers.
TV is the most popular media world wide and with the advent of the interactivity, new possibilities arise. I have done researches on DTV standards (e.g. MHP, ARIB, Ginga) and also created some TV apps with JavaTV/GEM API and second screens apps for Android/IOS.